Cazcanes NO. 7 Blanco Tequila

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Our award-winning tequila is now available as the New Cazcanes Tequila Blanco No.7, which is an 80-proof version made using lowland agave, also known as Valle agave. At Cazcanes, we view tequila production as an art form and take it very seriously. Unlike large-scale distilleries producing tequila for multiple brands, our boutique-style distillery operates in harmony with the land, environment, and natural spring that preserves it. Our hand-crafted approach ensures that each bottle of Cazcanes tequila is a unique and high-quality product.

The New Cazcanes Tequila Blanco No.7 has a distinctive flavor profile. It has floral notes on the nose, with hints of sweet agave and candy corn. On the palate, it has a clean and earthy taste with notes of sweet agave, black pepper, and anise. The finish is extremely smooth, with a long, sweet, floral, and black peppercorn finish.