Hibiki Blossom Harmony Limited Release 2022 Japanese Whisky

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"Hibiki", translating to "Resonance" in the Japanese language, was unveiled in 1989 to celebrate Suntory's 60th Anniversary. This blend embodies Suntory's ethos of living in accord with both nature and humanity. As the pioneering house of Japanese whisky and a stronghold of master blenders, Suntory has undertaken an extensive journey to define the essence of harmony in a blend. Each Hibiki blend has garnered global acclaim and has become some of the most desirable whisky in the world. Each Hibiki creation is thoughtfully crafted, revealing a unique interpretation of harmony with each sip.

The journey to achieving the perfect balance and synergy was challenging from the get-go, especially due to the dominant character of the Sakura cask. It took numerous trials and adjustments before we discovered that grain whiskies finished in the Sakura cask enhanced the overall harmony, gradually revealing a blossoming blend. The final product is a distinct Hibiki expression unlike any other.

The initial allure of a captivating floral aroma is followed by the classic Hibiki depth and complexity, featuring notes of honey, candied orange peel, jasmine, and a rich chocolatey decadence. The experience culminates in an unexpected finale of bitter-sweet spicy tones, offering a unique and inviting experience for the palate.