Jack Daniel's No. 27 Gold and Sinatra Tennessee Whiskey Bundle

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Jack Daniel's No. 27 Gold is a refined and exceptionally smooth whiskey that is crafted using a unique double-barreling process. It starts with the classic Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 whiskey, which is then further matured in golden-hued maple barrels, resulting in a rich and mellow flavor profile. The whiskey is then charcoal-mellowed to achieve the signature smoothness that Jack Daniel's is renowned for.

The Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey pays homage to Frank Sinatra, who was often seen with a glass of Jack Daniel's in hand during his performances. This special edition whiskey is crafted using specially hand-picked barrels and is aged in a Sinatra-inspired "Sinatra Barrel" that has deep grooves on the inside, allowing the whiskey to interact with the wood more intensely. This unique aging process imparts a rich, bold, and complex flavor to the whiskey, with notes of oak, vanilla, and toasted caramel.

Both the Jack Daniel's No. 27 Gold and Sinatra Select whiskeys are presented in premium bottles with distinctive designs. The Jack Daniel's No. 27 Gold bottle features a sleek, golden design with embossed detailing, while the Sinatra Select bottle is adorned with a special label that pays tribute to Frank Sinatra's iconic fedora hat.

The Jack Daniel's No. 27 Gold and Sinatra Bundle is a coveted collector's item and a perfect gift for whiskey enthusiasts and fans of Frank Sinatra. It offers a unique and unparalleled drinking experience, showcasing the craftsmanship and legacy of Jack Daniel's whiskey, along with the timeless appeal of Frank Sinatra.