Pierde Almas Tepeztate Mezcal

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Pierde Almas Tepeztate Mezcal is a premium spirit crafted in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is made from the rare and wild Tepeztate agave, which is known for its hard-to-reach growing conditions and long maturation period of up to 25 years.

The production process of Pierde Almas Tepeztate Mezcal follows traditional methods, with the agave piñas roasted in a pit oven before being crushed by a horse-drawn tahona. The fermented mash is then double-distilled in copper stills to create a smooth and complex spirit that captures the unique character of the Tepeztate agave.

Pierde Almas Tepeztate Mezcal is characterized by its bold and distinctive flavor profile, with notes of smoke, citrus, and earthiness. It has a rich and velvety texture, making it a favorite among mezcal aficionados.

To enjoy the full experience of Pierde Almas Tepeztate Mezcal, serve it neat in a clay copita and let it breathe for a few minutes before sipping slowly. Take the time to appreciate its aroma and flavors, which are best experienced when savored slowly.